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by Tom Lee Published 01/04/2017


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I opted to test the GFX with the 120mm f4 lens, as this is more closely aligned with a good portrait lens and how I intend to use the camera in my studio. The lens is image stabilised and fantastically sharp. Theonly disconcerting feel was the presence of the ‘floating internal lens’ system. I hadn’t had a lens with this configuration before and it feels as if something has broken inside! The floating element arrangement is specifically designed to minimise aberrations.

Having got over the loose feel of the lens, I noticed it was somewhat slower to focus than I was expecting. A quick scan of the function buttons on the side of the lens showed it has three focus ranges – one for macro focusing, a general mid-range and full range focusing. Once seton the mid-range, it became a little quicker and smoother, although it still seemed a little slower than the long lenses of the XT2.

At this stage I was able to get on with shooting in earnest. I really didn’t want to look at the viewing screen but couldn’t help myself. To my amazement, the difference in quality I was used to from the XT2, even on the viewing screen, was enough to excite and grab my attention. Although this sensor can be described as a crop sensor (about 0.73x full medium-format), it really does deliver … I know I should have expected it, but I didn’t.

Although I’ve used full-frame medium-format cameras before, like the Hasselblad HII which is a few generations older in the digital scheme of things, the quality of capture from the GFX is something to behold at a fraction of the price of its bigger competitors.

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