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Published 01/02/2011

How much should I sell my images for?

Howard Butterfield of theimagefile... offers some more good advice

This is one of the questions that theimagefile gets asked most often. However, unfortunately, even seeing the images in question; it is still an almost impossible question to answer. We could give you some average sales figures but they would likely be valueless to you and perhaps even dangerous to your business. We can be some help though by attempting to point out some of the most important factors that influence image value and try and answer. What is it that actually creates realisable value in an image.

If we assume that the image is technically well shot and visually appealing then what is it additionally that your customers or potential customers could or would be prepared to pay for? The more of the elements below you can include in or for your photography, potentially, the greater the value and the better your work will sell. The examples below are written to be reflected upon and intended to be simply illustrative. The really great ideas behind each heading will be dependent on your photography your business and your imagination.

Market and Sell
Your images need to be marketed and sold. Ask who is going to be interested in this work? Then tell them in as many ways as possible where they are and how to buy them. Marketing and sales will add value to your images, your business and you as a photographer. As regular readers of this column will know, this topic has been the subject of many articles.

Is the image fit for purpose?
For example, does it convey the message, evoke the emotions or awaken the memories. Does it meet the objectives of the commissioner or subject? Good images will create a record of the occasion, event or point in history; great images will do that and add something more.

Is it fashionable?
Tastes move on and fashion can have a large influence. Is your shooting style fashionable and is the content within your images fashionable? Not only clothes and hairstyles but the latest 'phones and laptops in an image will make it appealing and current and of course the inverse is likely to be true.What is the potential market size for your image?

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