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Published 01/02/2011

Special equipment or techniques
Images that fulfil their purpose and also require advanced or specialised techniques or a particular technical ability specialist equipment or difficult locations will also have a greater value. Though the cost of taking an image will not on its own affect the value of an image but it will or at least should affect the price at which you are willing to sell it.

Your house style - Photoshop (or not)?
Do you add value post processing? Often but not always. The key is only to do the work that you are sure your potential customers will value. This could be running an action that applies your house style or even removing the fire extinguisher that interupts the background but not always...

Increasing the available sizes of your prints or products that you sell your work upon, will, if you maintain your margins, make you images more valuable. Marketing these larger sizes, making them obvious and easily available is a great start.

Finally - You
The ultimate objective is to create the situation where your customers are happy to pay much higher prices, just because the image is one of yours. A fickle, slippery goal that will become closer the more you develop your personality and style and concentrate on the relevant headings above. This article is extracted from a paper by Howard on 'Creating and realising image value'.

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