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Published 01/02/2011

The greater the market size or the more uses your images can be put to, the greater the value in terms of repeat sales. Can you make it possible to use your images for multiple purposes? Retaining copyright of commissioned images may allow you to contribute images to stock libraries or certain wedding images could also be sold to the florist for marketing purposes.

Does the image have competition?
Are there other images that will or could fulfil the purpose? If the images are unique or at least rare then they potentially have a greater value. For example, if only the official photographer is able to shoot in the church then those images should be unique.

Is the image possible to replicate or re-shoot?
If so, the value of your image probably has an upper limit of the cost of doing so. If not, then potentially your image has a greater value to the right customer.

Time and circumstance.
Both time and circumstance can often have a large bearing on the value of your imagery, though this can be difficult to predict. The best way to take advantage of this potential is to have ready access to your images and the channels in place to make your past work quickly available.

Is your work simple to find and buy?
Real value is added to images in making them easy and convenient to find, evaluate, share and buy. There is value in convenience and the ability to allow your customer to have it now. The right image in the wrong place (and that can mean your old hard drives) will have no realisable value or even a negative value.

Are your images well presented?
The way your images are presented of course will also have a large bearing on the saleability and hence the value. Whether you are selling limited edition prints in frames, stock, or portrait prints great presentation is always key.

Is it what it says it is?
There is value in a trust and confidence that the image is what it says it is. The photograph of a mushroom labelled as a mushroom will have a limited appeal and could even be a liability if it turns out to be a toadstool! The same image labelled accurately for example 'Amanita pantherina var. pantherina, also known as the Panther cap or False Blusher' will potentially be worth a great deal more.

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