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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/10/2015


Eddie Judd

'I remember saying I wanted to be a photographer when I was just 10, and Ihad a darkroom at home by the time I was 15,' says Eddie when I asked herwhat started it all off. 'Later on I went off to study photography at degreelevel before working as a picture researcher at a big image library andthen as a picture editor at a magazine. I guess you could say I've alwayswanted to be a photographer!' Family portraiture was a natural progressionfor Eddie after shooting many images of children as part of her degreecoursework, but it was having her own family that really gave her theopportunity to hone her skills; 'Once I started a family of my own I had lotsof practice at photographing children! Wedding photography followed - Iadore weddings so it was something I really wanted to turn my lens to.

'Family photography is incredibly important to me,' Eddie tells me when Iask why she shoots families and weddings over anything else. 'Pictures ofmy own childhood are very precious to me and I always try to convey thispassion to other parents. I believe families should have pictures up at homeand it's been proven to be great for a child's self-esteem. It really is vital tocapture memories for children to look back on as they grow up and go onto have families of their own.'


From looking at Eddie's photographs it's immediately clear that her clientshave a great personal sense of style, but finding clients who share yourpersonal flair can be tricky. 'I don't try to guide my clients' style, but I thinkmy clients find my photographs familiar and take inspiration from myprevious work. I also have an amazing list of suppliers that I recommendto my wedding couples - they are the clever people who can help bring aclient's particular vision to life!' However, when it comes to family sessionsEddie does advise on what kind of outfits and props might help bring ashoot to life; 'I do have a style guide for my clients with advice on what towear. It makes a huge difference not only to the photographs but also tohow much they love the pictures when they see them!'

While Eddie has her own blog where she shares tips and tricks on how toget the most out of Lightroom ( she has not yetformally taught any classes. 'I'm very much looking forward to talking atThe Convention. Once I start talking about something I'm passionate aboutthough, I find it hard to stop!' Eddie will also be looking out for classes atThe Convention to further her own skills when it comes to her business;'I'd like to attend a design Masterclass as I'd love to have better graphicdesign skills. Good design on all levels is so important in our professional- however, I think it will take some time to achieve the standard I desire,so I expect I will leave it to the experts!' And what does the future bringfor Eddie? 'I want to carry on enjoying my work and spend more timedeveloping my Lightroom blog. However, I'm not really a five-year-plankind of gal, so who knows what the future may bring!'

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