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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2014


The file test snippet at 33% scale

Perfect Resize,/b>

This is the latest refinement of what used to be known as Genuine Fractals (which still features in the drop-down menu). As with Perfect Mask, the advantages of stand-alone packages are always eroded by improvements in Photoshop and, indeed, the latest version of Photoshop claims yet more enhancements in its scaling procedures.

On test, though, we preferred Perfect Resize over Photoshop CC (on both Automatic and Preserve Detail modes). In all cases a D700 image was cropped and then scaled 400%. Perfect Resize was generally cleaner although Photoshop CC did generate slightly more detail in the masonry above the bell-tower archway. There are many additional options available (from both programs) and so diligent testing might reveal some advantages although it is likely to be image-specific - not a problem for small numbers of premium quality scale-ups but testing every image would become tedious. As with sharpening it is essential to examine real prints at the final scale to determine the qualities of interpolation.


Perfect Photo Suite provides a comprehensive set of refined tools for any 'Photoshop averse' users of the Adobe products, although it gives little advantage to a skilled Photoshop practitioner. If that practitioner is also working in a press/graphic design environment then the lack of cmyk support is a killer. This, though is unlikely to trouble the vast majority of users who will benefit from the simple-to-use and review effects and facilities.

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