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by Mike McNamee Published 01/10/2011

Test Printing

We always stress the importance of making real prints when completing the final testing of a paper. For this review we chose to use the image created by Tom Lee as part of the shoot using the Reflectmedia cut-out system. In terms of monochrome testing the paper was ideal as Tom wanted a cool print to match the mood of his monochrome version, Cave Warrior. This complemented the cool base tone of PermaJet Distinction well, although we made some tasty full-colour prints as well!

We had to decide between using full-colour printing and use of the Epson Advanced Black and White driver, and ended up using both, expanding the trials to get to understand the settings for this paper. Overall we found that the setting of Dark for the tone value created the most accurate print - a 50% grey patch was delivered at 50.43%. Using 'neutral' tone colour made a good match to the base tone. Tom had specified a blue shift of 8 Lab points which was just on the limit of the adjustments using ABW.


To explore the effects of the ABW settings we set to and created a colour ring around of eight settings, passed the paper through the printer eight times at the settings and then measured the results.

The maths and statistics got a bit too complicated for non-specialists but in a nutshell, the values in the ABW driver for Horizontal and Vertical shift produce a shift in Lab units of about a tenth of the value. In other words to create Tom's specified shift of +0.8 a: -0.8 b would need values of +8 vertical and -80 horizontal. The dialogue box runs out of steam at 70 points and so only the full-colour print was capable of truly accurate reproduction. Even so we made nice prints by both methods.

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