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by Gordon McGowan Published 01/11/2008


Gordon says that his greatest achievements to date are obtaining his Fellowship with the MPA and the BIPP in wedding photography. This is a very difficult discipline in which to succeed at Qualification and there are still very few Fellows in Wedding Photography today. He has been in huge demand as a speaker over the past few years speaking at PTO, DWF in London and Las Vegas as well as more locally for the MPA and SWPP.

His work is instantly recognisable and Gordon says, "My style of wedding photography I would say was traditional with a twist and that is done with good posing, picking the right background for the pose and finally finishing the image off with a good expression. Many photographers have tried to emulate my style but they never get the three elements together.


When Gordon photographs a wedding his approach is fairly unique. He will never see a venue before the wedding (unless he has photographed there before) believing that any preconceived ideas he may have about what he will do will just result in frustration on the day, "The lighting would not be the same and it may also be raining on the day so all the time I have spent picking locations to shoot on the wedding day will be right out the window!" Gordon instead prefers to spend time in advance of the wedding ensuring that the couples are fully briefed on what he will expect from them on the day. Three weeks before the wedding Gordon will spend a couple of hours with the couple getting them used to the kind of direction that they will experience on the day. "My couples work hard with me on their wedding day but they know in advance what is expected from them if they want the standard of photography that they see in my sample wedding albums. There are no surprises on the day."

All Gordon asks for from the couple before the wedding day is for a list of any family groups; they do not have any other input into the photography on the day. "I would not tell them how to do their jobs and so I won't have them telling me how to do mine. The couples accept that and look on me as the professional so leave me to get on with my work on their wedding day. There are two parts of a wedding that I love and that is firstly taking the couple away to a location for portraits together and also taking the big group shot as I love making the people laugh and looking at all the fun expressions in the final result! This is always one of my biggest selling images at every wedding."

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