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by Gordon McGowan Published 01/11/2008


In April 2008, Gordon photographed the wedding of fellow photographers Barrie and Bev Downie in Venice. "What a difference it makes when you have a couple who are so into their photography and understand my vision. They gave me the time and space to do what I wanted for their wedding album and they were delighted with the results. It also makes a huge difference when couples steer away from the traditional sleeveless white wedding dresses and black suits, or even worse, kilts and introduce something unique into their outfits and the day."

There is a common misconception that Gordon only photographs weddings in stunning Scottish castles but this couldn't be further from the truth! Coming from Glasgow the locations can be anything from a city centre hotel to a country pub (with a sprinkling of castles for good measure!) but what sets Gordon apart in what he does is his ability spot a great location often in the most unlikely of situations and place the people within that location to complement the final image. "When I take my shots I know from the start what I intend to do with them. Of course other photographers and my clients may assume that I am still putting dark skies on my images and of course I still do that for some, as that is what my clients expect and want for their wedding album. Ninety-five per cent want this as they are different from the other wedding images that they are seeing. It is fantastic for me to know that many couples are now turning their back on reportage wedding photography and appreciating the art."

After a shoot, be it wedding or fashion, Gordon can't wait to get back and download the images. He has recently started a blog to display his latest work and this receives huge numbers of hits from all around the world. Even though his images receive a lot of post production work in Photoshop, he is not a serial upgrader, preferring the simplicity of version 5.5 to the multiple pallets of CS3, which he feels he would never use on his images. "I always tell people to keep their money in their pockets, it is so tempting to rush out and buy all the latest gear but unless you fully understand how to use it, you are wasting your money."

So what does the future hold for Gordon who has achieved so much and inspired so many? One thing is for sure is that he won't be taking it easy. "My future in photography is hopefully just to keep on getting better at what I do. At the moment I am loving fashion portraiture and I really enjoy styling the clothes, the hair and make up for a shoot and I get a real buzz when all these elements come together." To help with developing this side of the business, Gordon has a well-equipped home studio where he has what he describes as his best ever investment "an Elincrom OCTA box which is a fantastic piece of kit that gives you the most beautiful soft light."

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