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by Mike McNamee Published 01/10/2010


Plan when you are going to switch. Allow at least three clear days and assume that you will be out of email contact, unable to access your file system, without your contacts list and without your calendar. Regard any improvement on this status as a bonus.

Go through your program files folder and make a written list of all the software you have installed. Note any serial numbers, whether a program needs deactivation (eg Photoshop) and locate the original DVD install discs (if you fail to find anything, don't start the process until you have done so, it won't turn up by magic!) For every program think, list and archive some or all of the following points: the version number; serial number; activation codes; pre-sets files; preferences files; templates; settings files; profiles; passwords, update files; scripts; colour swatches; styles; fonts; colour profiles; plug-ins.

Think VERY hard at this stage. You always forget something and it pays to keep your list and amend it for next time. Something always pops up weeks later especially if you only use the feature infrequently. For us, this time it was the InDesign scripts - your editor was blissfully unaware of the scripts for creating fractions until three weeks after the install when we suddenly needed one. The problem then was remembering whatit was called so we could search for it - we got there eventually but it would have been much easier if it had been on the list and archived properly!

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