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Published 01/11/2004


Workflow - Avoiding meltdown!

At seminars for the past months both authors have been discussing workflow and noting a prevalence of people who are struggling to keep up with their wedding post production when using digital capture. Typical complaints are that Saturday's wedding is not ready for print until the following Thursday and some people report they are 8 weddings behind. The issue is therefore quite serious to social and wedding photographers.


There are a number of myths surrounding workflow and so we sat down with a stopwatch and actually timed the various parts of the workflow. So please do not write in saying you do it faster or slower or that you bought kit like ours and it is slower - we are telling you how we found it on our machines which are typical of those in many studios, a couple of years old with reasonable specs. For the record they are The major components of the workflow are shown in the diagram. These will vary slightly but are based on Tom's and assume 200 digital exposures headed for a designed album of 50 pages (double sided) printed by bureau. This gives a 50 page album consisting of 25 double page spreads each 24in by 16in. Tom's workflow is very slick, those who have attended his seminars will confirm. All the major operations are controlled by keyboard hot keys or actions rames are made with Extensis photo frame, each page is individually designed. Previewing to the client is done on a digital data projector via a Picturestoexe screen show. Some of the operations require the photographer to be in full time attendance e.g. page make up. Others allow him to go for a cup of tea or get on with their VAT return. However, in general it is a risky business to continue operating your PC whilst it is say printing in the backgrounds or writing a DVD. If you run out of buffer your process could stall with variable but often bad consequences

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