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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2014


It's often said that you should leave a good amount of time betweenyour Associate panel and your Fellowship, however, Lenny just couldn'twait and decided to prepare his Fellowship panel from start to finish injust 10 months. "I made a folder on my computer for prospective imagesand every time I opened up my computer it was staring me in the face.


I worked on it all year, speaking to couples and asking if I could havejust five minutes during their wedding to shoot a couple of images formyself. My goal was to get one image that was good enough to put inthat folder from each wedding that I shot." Under Gordon McGowan'swatchful eye he drilled down through the images that he had amassedfrom a season of shooting weddings, ruthlessly rejecting any that didn'tquite make the grade. In a Fellowship panel every image has to not onlybe a fantastic individual shot, but also work as part of a carefully craftedpanel of 20 images.

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