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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2014


Shooting the landscape

"My clients love the landscapes that I use in my work. I can'thelp feel that a photographer based in a stunning part ofthe world, such as Scotland, already has an advantage overeveryone else when it comes to working out on location!Brides and grooms often like to be photographed with acastle in the background for their engagement shots, but Ialways make sure to use a different location for their preweddingshoot. We'll go to beaches or old ruins to providea backdrop, there's just so much within just a 20-mile radiusof me. My favourite places to shoot are often the little localcoastal villages where you can get dramatic seascapes in thebackground. I've got all this beautiful scenery outside myback door, of course I'm going to use it to my advantage.

Clients often now expect the look of a fashion editorialfrom their photographer on their wedding day. Tastes arechanging and Lenny has adapted to the generation of brideswho are in their early 20s at the moment. "Sometimes it canbe like a fashion shoot with a wedding dress and most of myyounger brides are now looking for that experience. Whenthey see the pictures on my website they fall in love withthat style of imagery and a large part of what makes theshot is the location."

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