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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2014


Wedding photography wasn't always Lenny's job. "I was alwaysinto photography, but it used to be just a hobby. I was a musician,playing in a band and traveling all over the country." Eventually beingconstantly on the road lost its appeal and Lenny decided to step uphis photography game, breaking into weddings. "I was so accustomedto talking to people, because I was the lead singer and guitarist in theband, that I found it quite easy to talk to people. Weddings came firstand then portraits followed along shortly afterwards".


The variety of being a wedding photographer is what keeps Lenny goingthrough the long wedding season. While many believe that shooting thesame kind of events each weekend could become tedious, Lenny viewseach one as a fresh challenge: "Every wedding is different. When you getup on a Saturday morning, you wonder what today's wedding will belike. The venue, the bride, the dress, they are always different to the weekbefore. It's a challenge but it keeps you on the ball the whole time."

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