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by Phil Jones Published 01/10/2010


Framing Mitring

Picture framing what tools are required

The first item to consider is how to mitre the moulding, using a guillotine or mitre saw can achieve this.The famous Danish 'Morso' mitre guillotine

The famous Danish 'Morso' mitre guillotine, an indispensable piece of equipment for every bespoke framer. The 'Morso' is ideal for mitring wood, plastic or MDF and is available in metric or imperial calibration, with optional extras of left hand support arm, spare blades and a second production stop.

The cutting head is moved in and out using a lever. This allows you to 'eat' your way through mouldings in steps. Making multiple cuts, with your very last cut taking off a thin shaving, ensures perfect joins.

Double Mitre Saws

Compared to a mitre guillotine, a double-mitre saw offers increased production capacity and the possibility of cutting wider and taller mouldings. They can also be used to cut aluminium frame profiles.

Mitre Saws are more appropriate for volume users

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