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by Phil Jones Published 01/10/2010


Picture Framing Glasscutters

One of the areas in picture framing were the framer has to take the utmost care by wearing gloves and protective eyewear.

The least expensive solution is a hand glass cutter. Hand held cutters have a tungsten carbide wheel and are easy to use after a bit practice.

The problem with many glasscutters is the person holding it!

The cutter doesn't cut in the sense that a knife or a saw cuts something. A glass cutter actually scores the glass along a line of molecules, so it will break in a desired place, so the sharper the cutter is, the finer the score will be and the more likely that the glass will break where you want it to.

Remember to keep your glasscutter well lubricated with light oil, this will not only make it last significantly longer but also 'cut' cleaner.

Always use a straight edge that you can control at all times, so that it won't move at all while you're scoring the glass.

Make only one score from start to finish without stops or hesitations and break the glass immediately after you score it.

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