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by Phil Jones Published 01/10/2010


Picture framing accessories

There are just a few additional accessories that you require for picture framing, however they are usually built to last and will repay the investment time after time. Picture trimmer

Rotary trimmer for lighter cutting jobs

A rotary trimmer uses a round blade, encased in a cutting head that slides along a metal rail.

The glazing gun fires points into the moulding to hold the frame contents in. Hand held the gun is easy to use and will give a permanent fixing to the content. The points are then covered by framers tape to give a neat professional product.

Gloves and aprons to keep your clothes clean and your hands safe


Straight edges and tape measures, in fact several tape measures as the always seem to walkabout just when you need them.

Knives, scalpels & blades

Bradawl to make starting holes.

Hammer, always needed to hit something

Wire cutters



Hand drill

Screw drivers and small woodworking tools

Staple gun

Glass cutter

How much space will you need - to visualise how much space that you will need to carry sufficient consumables and be able to have room to work, the minimum space required would equal that of a large double garage.

Now with all this in mind you can now start to think about what consumable items and mouldings that you will require.

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