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by Phil Jones Published 01/10/2010


Picture Framing Mount cutters

While small hand held mount cutters are available it is far more beneficial to invest in a tabletop cutter. This will give greater accuracy and neatness to the finished mounts. Mount cutter

Recognised brands for professional mount cutters are Fletcher and Keencut.

The large professional mount cutters are large enough to take the full size sheet.

One of the best thing about cutting your own mounts is that once you cut it you get to keep the fallout from the middle, which can then become a mount for a smaller photograph. This saves money and helps qualify the investment in the mount cutting machine.

The technique for cutting bevel mounts is quick and relatively easy. After cutting the mount board down to the right size to fit the frame, rule lines on the back of the mount board to the border size that you require as a guide.

With a mount cutter you will also be able to cut an attractive 'V' cut into the mounts to give that extra finishing touch

One of the biggest advantages is that double or treble mounts can be cut to give a greater professional look, with the inner mounts harmonising and depicting specific colours within the picture.

The creative options are endless

Oval mount cutters

Also available to the framer are oval mount cutters for the for beginner to the framing business they are an investment which may wait for a little while, as their use will be far less than the conventional straight cut mounts.

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