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by Angela Adams Published 01/12/2016


Whilst attending toddler group with my new little girl, I became involved in sourcing a fundraising event for the group Christmas party. It was suggested we hire a photographer from one of the big companies, but many were against it, as the last one had been horrible to the children and stank of whisky. Without thinking, I volunteered to be the photographer! I don’t usually push myself forward, but I’m a sucker for helping folks.

To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. I could operate studio lights - I’d learned that at the building and printing college, but beyond that I was lost. Soon after, my husband returned from an overseas trip to find our music room converted into a studio, complete with backdrop and lights and my first customers arriving the next day. We shot a simple white background, Venturestyle, all had fun, and we made a whopping £250 for the fundraiser. Not much, but apparently more than had been made previously. I didn’t intend to start a business, I was just helping out my girls and their kids.

At the time I lived in a tiny wee town called Beith, on the northern edge of North Ayrshire. It was a close-knit community and word spread fast; soon I found myself receiving commissions from strangers, so I decided to start a business proper. I still ran the toddler group fundraiser every November, it was during one of these I shot my SWPP, Photographer of the Year image - of a very smiley baby. I was now developing my own portraiture style and the bright white background had gone - thank you Damian McGillicuddy.

Why Angel Images?

Whilst teaching Aircraft Technology at Glasgow College of Nautical Studies, and still a member of Saltcoats Camera Club, I didn't own a printer or have internet connection at home. I would take my camera club competition images into college and upload them to Photobox for printing. The department computer guru and I shared an office, he was also interested in photography - one lunchtime I was frantically uploading files when he asked, ‘So what are the Angel Images this month?’ Although a slip-of-the-tongue, the name stuck. It was the natural choice for a name for my fledgling business.

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