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by Angela Adams Published 01/12/2016


What's your mindset when you get up in the mornings?

OMG 7.30am already! Which child has gym? Do they have a clean polo shirt? Where are their shorts - why can’t they just put the blooming things back in the wardrobe? Lunches! Lara, hurry up! Eat, stop talking, just eat. Oh for goodness sake we are going to be late.

No Ciaran I have no idea where your (insert item of boy-style detritus here - usually Lego or iPad related) is or where you put your homework. Come on, come on, brush your teeth/hair, put your shoes on. Helmets!

Okay, go, go, go! On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have the Breakfast Club variation. I help out at the school Breakfast Club, which means leaving the house just after 8am.

After the daily morning school run is over and I'm back home, I eat breakfast and get started on my business admin. I like to get the computer stuff done first ... emails, Facebook messages, marketing and advert design. At present I’m working on an improved version of my ‘What to Expect’ guide; I always like to improve on my literature and website. If I have clients I'll then prepare the studio which opens at 10am. I’ve just launched my ‘Cash for Kids’ campaign and as well as offering ‘Little Angels’ seasonal sessions, this year I’m offering ‘Santa’s Presents’, so I’m hand-crafting wee red coats for that.

Do you work alone or employ staff?

All alone - although my husband and children are a great help and make fabulous impromptu models.

Did it take you long to establish your name and brand?

I’m still working on branding. I’ve made huge changes to the studio this year (mostly because it didn’t survive the winter well last year) and have enjoyed decorating the walls and bathrooms in an attempt to create a space which resonates with my desired brand.

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