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by Angela Adams Published 01/12/2016


What's the one piece of kit - camera aside, you wouldn't be without and why?

Batteries! I’ve been caught out in the past.

What's the best single piece of business advice you'd like to share?

'What does success mean to you?' is a favourite saying of my mentor Damian McGillicuddy. He means identify what you want and then work out a plan, then go out and get it. It’s taken me five years, but now I get it!

Photography colleague, Alan Clarke, once said to me, ‘Sh*t or get off the pot’, not sure if that counts as business advice.

What do you love photographing and why?

Oh my, that’s a hard one. I go through phases, but in general if somebody enquires about a baby shoot, not newborn but not walking ... that lovely sitting up, smileat-everybody stage, that's my favourite.

I’ve have a lot of fun shooting model portfolios for the student make-up artists at the college at the end of my road (West College Scotland, Greenock Campus).

It tests my posing and lighting muscles like nothing else, as the models are often amateur. A favourite annual commission is to create a campaign for a wellknown designer. Grandmothers and grandchildren are favourites too - I love the poignancy and knowing those images will become treasured, perhaps more than others, in years to come.

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