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by Angela Adams Published 01/12/2016


Learning to become a competent photographer is a serious challenge, one that keeps us learning and exploring - what would you say is the most important challenge you've faced as a photographer?

Getting over myself! I'm an introvert who can act like an extrovert, but every time I run an advert which doesn’t do well, or enter a competition and score zero, a little bit of confidence ebbs away. Dusting myself down and getting on with working out what to make better next time, has been a hard lesson to learn.

Learning to be authoritative too, not just with posing, but the whole taking charge of the process of business.

I’m very generous and just want to be liked, so hate feeling as if I’m annoying people. I’ve learned, however, that: being in charge, asking for information, really pushing my clients to have a consultation, reminding them about their clothing and background choices, talking them through the session process and insisting they return to view their images, means I have a better life/work balance.

Learning to ask for help. I hate asking for help! If I can’t do it then it doesn’t get done - this is why the washing machine is upside down on the kitchen floor, and why I have three red coats in production in the sewing room.

However, about five years ago, I asked for help from a certain Mr Damian McGillicuddy and I truly believe his influence has pushed me to become more inventive with my portraiture in its entirety. I’m unbelievably disorganised. I’m still working on this.

And lastly, I still wing it - even when I know better. What can I say - I’m an adrenaline junky!

Looking at a photographer's portfolio can be revealing - what does your portfolio reveal about you?

I’m not sure. I’ve never felt I have a definable style. I don’t have a niche, and will pretty much have a go at most genres, except weddings. I’ve tackled three small weddings in my life and each one has made me cry with exhaustion. I think my portfolio shows I enjoy what I do, that I strive to get it right and am patient with all my little clients. I like to think of myself as having classic taste with a quirky twist - I hope that's evident in some of my photographs.

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