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by Damian McGillicuddy Published 01/10/2015


I always maintain that 90% of my work is done before I even pick up thecamera - something that becomes even more true when shooting to acreative brief. Trust me, it's a lot easier to plan what you're going to dobefore you set up all your lights and take off your lens cap - that's whygenerals come up with a strategy before they send their troops onto thebattlefield!

With this being such a highly conceptual shoot, it was important togo back to the drawing board. We started by coming up with conceptsketches of the styling I wanted, using that as the blueprint to pick upmaterials to create the outfits and build the props. Sitting down with theteam to do this kind of planning and brainstorming is not only massivelyimportant to achieving the images we set out to create, it's also part of theprocess that brings me great pleasure.

This creative pre-production also extends to the kit I choose to take ona shoot with me. In this case, since I was paying homage to the 150thanniversary of a famous novel, I was looking for a particular kind ofantique feel and out-of-time tactility to the pictures. So I specificallysought out a suitable piece of vintage glass, the 55mm f/1.2 OM lens,which I connected to E-M5 Mark II using the MF-2 OM Adapter.

Armed with my concepts and sketches, I scouted a fantastic locationto double as my version of Wonderland - the 13-acre lakeside estateowned by Joel Hicks Photographic in Leicestershire, which I would highlyrecommend to anyone looking for a great outdoor location that also hasthe option of indoor studio space.

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