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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/02/2016


Lastly I managed to see Jocelyn Conway's panel of dance photography shotin her studio. Working with her daughter to create ideas and concepts theyexplored the idea of femininity and the process of transitioning from a child toa woman. The judges said that this was just a starting point for what Jocelyncould go on to do, a legacy to leave for her daughter. A completely different wayof thinking about dance.

But it's often not the successful panels that teach us the most - it's theunsuccessful. Those that don't quite make the grade but are urged to come backand try again next year. The judge's comments about an unsuccessful panel aregold dust for those trying to improve their work and perhaps even enter a panelthemselves in the coming years. It could be slightly missed focus, an area that istoo bright, banding in the print, or even poor quality mounting - but grabbingthe hand of a judge afterwards and saying 'can you point out the problem to meso that I can learn' is rarely going to be met with a refusal.

Over the past three years what I have really come to understand about thejudging at The Convention is that the judges just want people to grow asphotographers, improve their work, and raise the standards within our part ofthe photographic industry. And if you come along to spend a day with us at thejudging with an open mind and a willingness to learn, I promise that you will notgo away disappointed.

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