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by Paul Gallagher Published 01/07/2016



What this also proves is that a good histogram, either in camera or after camera Raw adjustments, is not the finished article ready to sell and what we need to do is map out our local adjustments to bring the image to life. When doing this I generally try to remember the moment when I was standing at the scene. It was obviously cold and the light from setting sun behind the distant mountains was illuminating the plates of ice at my feet so this is what I aimed to do.



I firstly opened the file from Adobe Camera Raw into Photoshop and began by making a selection of the foreground ice using the lasso tool (See Image 2). As we select our lasso tool we must then choose the feather needed for the selection we are making. This is where the Feather slider comes into play. The feather determines how hard theedge of your brush is. The smaller the feather setting the harder the edge of your brush and the bigger the setting, the softer the edge of your brush. In general terms if you are selecting a very small area of your image to adjust you will need a relatively small feather and if you are adjusting large areas of your image you will need a bigger feather. It is also worth mentioning that the feather value is in pixels and the larger your camera file size, the larger the feather will need to be. When you have made your selection, marching ants will appear around the selected area, (See Image 3).

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