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by Paul Gallagher Published 01/07/2016



With my aim to lighten the ice in the foreground of my image, I then pushed up the lighter end of the curves line and the plates of ice brightened and began to stand out against the darker background (See image 7). Then, in order to make the ice stand out even further and also to darken down any surrounding distractions, I selected the area of ground surrounding the ice and also the edges of the image (See Image 8). I then selected a new Curves adjustment layer and pulled the very upper right end of the curves line down the right axis, which darkened all the edges and ground surrounding the ice (See image 9).



At this stage, after altering and bringing to life the foreground of the image I decided that the sky needed a little help as it was now not tonally in keeping with the rest of the landscape. I made a selection of the sky, opened a new curves adjustment layer and then increased the contrast so that it then matched tonally with the rest of the image (See Image 10).

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