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Published 01/04/2014

Anyone setting up in business as a professionalphotographer has key elements to get exactly right.From building a website to getting the correctinsurance cover, Gavin Stoker provides essentialrecommendations to set you on the path to futuresuccess...

Really? You want to take photographs for a career, and are just gettingstarted on this exciting new path? Or perhaps you're already up andrunning, have been a photographer for many years, and just want torefresh your website, employ a new accountant, or add an e-commercesolution to your site's back-end? We - or rather those companies listedbelow - can help with all of that, leaving you free to get on with theall important business of creating photographs you'll be proud of, andmoreover that will help you earn your keep ... as will all the serviceshere.

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1st Published 01/04/2014
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