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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/04/2014



Another very familiar name for Professional Imagemaker readers is Zenfolio, which offers photographers the chance to build a professional-looking website and, if desired, an e-commerce solution, at a very reasonable cost (see our standalone company profile article in the last issue for extensive details and also photographer testimonials).

A new feature this month is that Zenfolio now offers Raw file storage as an additional service option. This feature is primarily targeted at storing source or Raw files from which JPEGs have been generated, such as Raw, PSD, DNG, NEF, and other formats.

The company tells us that all account levels have access to the Raw storage feature, so there is no special sign up required. As soon as a file that is identified as a Raw file is dropped into the Zenfolio uploader, photographers will be shown an opt-in form. If the user agrees to the terms, the billing for uploaded files starts as soon as the threshold of 2GB is exceeded. All Zenfolio accounts except for the level of Basic now get 2GB of free Raw file storage.

Source files are archived just like any other images; in other words in secure and geodistributed locations so photographers never have to worry about losing data. Raw files are automatically linked to JPEGs for easy downloading and access, either by matching file names or by date and time taken whenever possible. Zenfolio adds that visitors will never see source files displayed in galleries, but if Original File Downloads are allowed, users can choose to include Raw files by selecting this option in Access Control.

Raw file storage is priced 'per usage'. Users are charged per gigabyte of storage (for example 8.5p per GB for UK users) with monthly billing.

The amount is calculated as a daily average usage over one month. Funds from the account balance are used first before charging any credit card on file, according to Zenfolio.
vThe other new thing to mention is Zenfolio's blog series called Photographer's Corner. These are monthly posts concentrating on topics that relate to the business of photography.

Everything is covered, from insurance to creating a business plan, branding to marketing, pricing to in-person selling, and more besides. Direct your browser to the URL below to discover more for yourself.

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