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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/04/2014


Aaduki Multimedia Insurance

Being a pro photographer is not just about taking great pictures that a client will happily pay for, but having the right cover in place if, heaven forefend, anything should go wrong.

Aaduki Insurance has been offering cover specifically tailored to photographers for the past 12 years and is one of the best known out there for such a service. It also offers what it claims is an all-encompassing, all-risk policy, which means that new is provided for old. According to National Marketing and Business Development Manager Nik Stewert, it is designed for both full-time and part-time professionals and to cover all eventualities rather than just bare necessities. "That's the reason why The Societies recognise our policies," he reassures. Pricing naturally depends on the amount of equipment you're looking to insure, whilst public liability and professional indemnity insurance, which is key for those shooting weddings, can be bought by members of The Societies for £115 per annum. For non-members the cost would be £187.50 for the same cover - so savings can be substantial. There is also a lower rate on equipment cover for members too; for example if the premium was £150, then a member would pay £125 - which all helps.


"I would expect a member with £5,000 worth of equipment, Public Liability cover of £2M, and Professional Indemnity of £75K to spend around £230 to £240 per year," outlines Nik.

"Insurance is also a valid business expense, so can be set against what you'd otherwise be paying in tax, because it's a professional business that you're insuring."

Though there is no typical customer for Aaduki, an average one would be someone shooting around 20 weddings per year, reckons Nik. "We do also offer an amateur policy but they tend to be very price conscious and price driven, and we're more about the correct cover to give peace of mind rather than price," he explains.

As with anything else, it's buyer beware: "People need to be very careful with the insurance that they choose. Some insurers only offer violent or forced entry and/or exit on theft of equipment, which is no good if your laptop is nicked at a wedding, because no one's broken a window or smashed a door in to get the equipment. Some other companies demand a contract be approved by them for weddings; we don't.

We always say that if you have any doubt whatsoever, ask for it in writing. If you just talk to someone on the phone, how are you going to prove what was said?; whereas if you have it on an email ...You need to be asking 'is this going to cover me if I have a claim?' and 'if I do have a claim is it going to be simple and am I going to be up and running quickly again?' Those are the two key things. If the difference between policies is only £20, then that's £20 well spent." Speak to Aaduki now on 01837 658 880 to find out which photographic insurance is the best fit for you. You can even get a sample quote online by heading to the address below.

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1st Published 01/04/2014
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