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15th August 2020 GMT


Even with the greatest idea since the ubiquitous sliced loaf, you won't sell anything unless you tell people about it.

Your potential customers will form their impressions of your company based on the image conveyed by your advertising and promotion.

So it's worth spending some time to get it right.

Ask the advice of people with relevant experience, look at what your competitors do, consider using an agency or freelancers.

Decide what to say and how to say it. Make it relevant to your target markets. You need to reach the largest number of your potential customers for the smallest cost, so aim well.

You can promote your company in the local or national press, on radio, in a leaflet, by mail shot or by word of mouth.


Business directories like Thompson's, are referred to by people thousands of times each day, who are actually looking to buy something.

Your local paper, free sheet or trade magazine may be willing to run an article about you and your company. This is public relations and costs nothing. You could ask a local freelance to write the article, and then send it to the relevant publications with interesting photographs.

Monitor the results of your advertising. This helps you to aim more effectively next time, and ensures you follow up every inquiry

Use the BRAIN STORM PLAN (Appendix III)

Under HEADER fill in your goals or targets

Under METHOD in each block write in any idea that comes to you for achieving the HEADER. You may require to add more blocks.

Under TO DO write in the actions you need to take to make things happen.

In conjunction with the above, use the PERSONAL ACTION PLAN (Appendix V)

Two Types of People

Those who make things happen and those who say 'what's happened'.

Methods of Obtaining Appointments

Yellow Pages
Thomsons' Directory
Local Towns Diary
Church Magazines


Building Societies
Shopping centres
Gift Shops
Health Shops




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