The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers
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26th October 2020 GMT

Do you want to improve your photographic skills?

Use these pages to learn how to take better picture or see work that has passed 'the test'

You will find examples of sets of images which have made the grade and have attained a level of benchmarking, which indicates that the photographer has produced images deemed to be of 'merchantable quality'.  Also there are examples of 'what went wrong' and why the images did not come up to standard.

The Societies run many courses and seminars to help you learn from the industries experts, plus a highly beneficial 'Mentor Me' Programme, which is open to members worldwide. 

Successful Submissions 

These pages contain links to submissions which have been successful.  If you would like help with preparing your work for submission then take submit images on CD under the 'Mentor Me' Programme

Fellow in Wedding and Portrait





Newborn Photography Qualifications

Qualifications - An Overview

Mentor me Programme

Why choose a Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer

What our members say
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