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26th July 2021 GMT

Sponsorship and Advertise

Take your business to the next level with the SWPP

With The Societies Online Sponsorship and Advertising you can reach people when they are actively looking for information related to your products and services. This means you receive targeted visitors and customers.

When you buy into advertising/promotion campaigns with The Societies (the world’s fastest growing global association for professional photographers) your message reaches a massive UK and international audience both online and through bi-monthly high quality print magazines.

Professional Imagemaker magazine alone with its 8,000+ circulation, guaranteed direct-mailed free of charge to every member of The Societies at home and across 53 countries, boasts a total pass-on readership estimated in the tens of thousands.

Imagemaker offers professionally crafted ‘inside-track’features with the world’s top photographers; compelling ‘how-to’programmes across the full gamut of photo-disciplines; latest imaging product news and services, competitions and constantly updated news on the annual January Convention –the biggest show of its kind in Europe.

  • Reach a Highly Targeted Audience
  • Boosted Sales
  • Great Consumer Awareness
  • Potential Worldwide Audience
  • Enhanced Positioning
  • Cost Effective Pricing Structure
  • Potential New Market for Your Product
  • Multiple Size and Placement Options
  • Professional Target Marketing.
  • A link to your home page URL
  • Email Newsletter Mailing Available
  • Reinforce Your Product Line and Service

Site targeting

Pick the exact area of the site where your ads appear.
Give your business the edge, by sponsoring pages on The Societies websites.

Why Sponsor The Societies websites?

The Societies have many thousands of unique pages indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN, 75% of them are high ranking pages.

  • Over a Hundred Thousand unique visitors a month.
  • Over a Million page views each month and growing.
Market your product, service, company or web site to a highly focused and captive audience of photographic professionals.

Cost effective rates.

Your advertisement can be placed either on targeted areas of our web site or throughout the entire site.

Colin Jones

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to decline advertising for your site if we feel that it presents competition to our business or contains material that we deem offensive or illegal.

What our members say
Why I like the Societies: being able to pull on a wealth of experience and meet some great people at events - Simon C
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