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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2015


Pinnacle Fine Art Baryta 300gsm
Premium bright white Fine Art Baryta ink-jet paper for stunning monochrome prints.

If you find Premium Silk Baryta lacks a punch or coolness you are seeking then the Fine Art Baryta delivered the highest Fluorescence values of the group and is certainly a paper with tones of punch. Very suitable for cool-toned monochromes, street photography and fashion work but a good all-rounder if you are untroubled by the use of OBAs.

Pinnacle Antique Fine Art 210gsm
Natural white art paper with a lightly textured surface 210gsm. Fantastic value fine art ink-jet and giclee paper. This is an un-brightened media with just a hint of texture in its surface. It holds detail very well and is not as absorbent as some of the 'soft' papers on the market, it even took signatures with a dip pen with ease. The gamut volume is good for this class of paper and the bright colours seem to be punching above their weight. The distribution of ink across the solid colour patches is excellent. It is too light for limited edition work if compliance with Fine Art Trade Guild is a need.

Pinnacle Cotton Rag 310gsm
Premium 100% cotton rag ink-jet giclee paper with a white smooth velvet texture. Beautiful traditional look and feel. This class of paper (ie Cotton rag and slightly brightened) has been a benchmark of our art paper testing from the start of Paper Chase. This offering is no exception and is the best performing of the matt papers in the series and one of only two which dip below three on average colour error. The detail retention is good although the surface is quite absorbent especially to our dip pen testing. Even so this paper remains one of the best all-rounders from any mill and is rightly popular in all its guises.

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1st Published 01/06/2015
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