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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2015

Pinnacle Smooth Fine Art 310gsm
100% cotton smooth fine art ink-jet giclee paper with a natural white shade, fine velvet surface and luxurious feel.

A natural colour media with quite a presence due to its weight and calliper, it feels like it means business. The audit statistics are right up there with the group, indeed this media just delivered the highest Dmax of the matt finishes although it place d fourth on gamut volume.. The solid colour patches are just (and only just!) starting to show some speckling but it is unlikely this would be detected in most normal printing situations. There is a small amount of edge bleed, the surface is quite absorbent.

Pinnacle Photo FineArt 275gsm
Bright white lightly textured fine art ink-jet paper perfect for photographic reproduction.

This media has a moderate OBA level lying smack in the middle of the pack at 5.7 Fluorescence. This produces a crisp print with a brightness reading over 100% and bold rendering of the colours. The average error is only just above the group average which for a matt surface is good. Edge retention and solid colour patches are what is required for a media intended primarily for photographic use.

Pinnacle Watercolour 245gsm
High white textured surface. Designed to give the impression of a tradition water colour print.

This is by a long way the most textured of the series with a true watercolour-type surface that even projects though the solid colour patches. The Dmax is good at 1.6 and the shadow detail is rendered right down to 15 RGB points. If your image requires a watercolour feel to it, this is the obvious choice. The paper is the brightest of the textured papers in the series.


Terry Donnelly's 2015, 16x20 competition winner was made on Pinnacle Silk Baryta 310gsm media - see feature in this issue.

Pinnacle Velvet FineArt 275
Textured natural white paper for Fine art ink-jet printing. The 'velvet' surface structure is usually indicative of a mould made paper and they have been rightly popular for the more artistic renderings of images and for reproduction of painted art. Although the edge retention is very good the shadows block up quite early, around about 25 RGB points which is typical for this class of paper. OBAs are present at a moderate level, the Fluorescence is 4.3.

Pinnacle Etching Soft Textured 310gsm
Lightly structured, soft-textured surface, equivalent to a traditional etching, or watercolour paper. Suitable for high-quality ink-jet giclee printing. The soft texture gives the print in hand a certain weight and presence and the media is typical of those which carry the etching tag. The retention of edge detail is a little wavy and some speckling of the solid colour patches is just starting to show. That said this is a nice weighty paper, by some way the thickest in the entire range.

Pinnacle Fibre Base Gloss 320gsm
Premium semi-gloss photo paper, high white with pearl finish 320gsm. When ink is applied this paper takes on a delightfully subtle sheen. It is very bright but delivers very accurate colours (it is only about four points cool despite the high Fluorescence). It has very high Dmax off the colour profile at 2.31. Overall the audit print was a little dark, in the case of the HiGAM patches everything other than the blue was too dark.

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