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by Mike McNamee Published 01/09/2005


Target Selection

SG or CC24? One quest was to establish if the additional cost of the SG chart was worthwhile. We built profiles from the same image using both the SG chart and the CC 24 Chart. One of the wise adages of colour management is that the perfect Macbeth chart does not necessarily provide the best image.

We proved this comprehensively. Although the improvement in the Macbeth charts was evident for both SG and CC 24 profiles, the skin tones of our model were posterised by the assignment of the CC 24 profile. This took us by surprise and so we repeated the operation on the same files, brand new files and with both Monaco Platinum Profiler and Pulse Elite systems. The result was the same, posterisation of the skin tones. This was not the first time we had observed this effect so it was good to pin it down clearly.

It seems therefore that the SG under these conditions is outperforming the CC 24 by some margin - we can only assume that the increased resolution of the colour is enabling the profile to differentiate the skin tones more accurately. This was a quite unexpected result but we cannot avoid the conclusion - you get better results from the more expensive option.

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1st Published 01/09/2005
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