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by Mike McNamee Published 01/09/2005


T: The aim RGB values vary with the operating colour space and its gamma. The common ones are listed. For neutrality the red, green and blue values should equal each other.

It is important to remember that the slider values in RAW are concatenated, that is, they are collapsed into a single correction and then applied. This is not the case with multiple adjustments made either via adjustment layers or successive corrections in Photoshop - these are applied in sequence, with all the pixel damage that the process entails.

Depending on your camera and lighting, you may now be faced with a final tweak to uncross your response curves. This is done with the Calibrate function of the RAW file handler. Once this is done you can save the correction as a new camera default. You may need a separate calibration for each lighting condition (eg, flash, daylight, tungsten, etc.).


When adjusting the highlights and shadows in the RAW window, holding the Alt key reveals any pixels that are clipped.

This provides an efficient way to adjust these sliders, to view the optimum position.

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