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Published 01/06/2013


Model: Zoe Bowden - Designer: Nigel Sargent - Stylist: Holly Shears

I then experienced my wayward art college years in Southampton experimenting with everything, design, photography, music and opening my mind to the world around me; these were the years I came to terms with who I was, the type of photography and artwork I wanted to produce and where I met Dylan. Dylan Boulter was studying photography also and later went on to study Photographic Imaging Science at Westminster. He is now not only a wedding photographer, but also my partner of 22 years. Dylan is most definitely my hardest critique to impress and has also been the biggest influence on me in the past 10 years, encouraging me to develop my career and editing skills to full capacity and also by teaching me everything I know about photography.


Model: Alana MillerConcept: Child fantasy shoot being weighed down (by a paperweight)

After graduating and working as a graphic designer and part-time photographer, I started getting quite heavily involved with event wedding photography in Torquay with Dylan. Together we have shot over 300 weddings in Devon and enjoy being part of Torbay's ever expanding wedding industry. We were also asked to be the official photographers for a visit to Devon by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne back in 2010 which gained us a lot of publicity locally. We continued to shoot 20 weddings a year and as a result of this I was able to stop work as a designer and go full-time as a photographer five years ago.

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