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Published 01/06/2013


Model: Grace Badcock - Stylist: Estelle Smith

The image I recently took of model Rosie Cawthorne which won a Gold and the Judge's Choice with the Societies was partly shot underwater to depict I don't shoot fashion shoots with under 16s, I do themed shoots to highlight their imagination, creativity and capture their childhood years.

We are young for such a short period I'd like to think I help them capture those years in a simple picture. My family shoots are based on the same principle. The family in the 'Marionettes' image have five children; the mother, Deb Miller and I planned the shoot and decided to capture the fun, creativity and friendship within their closely knit family with a puppet show to portray the fun and interaction between one another....This is one of my favourite shoots today. I feel that the colours, the markings, the lighting and the faces captured reflect the warmth the family has for one another - and they are delighted with it! Models: Deb Miller & family


The Ballet is my favourite picture. Models: Candice Pond & Paula Hames

her as a mermaid struggling in net below the sea...the net's symbolic of a person struggling with her feelings. I also get a lot of my inspiration from music and edit whilst I listen to music VERY LOUD! (The neighbours hate me.) Everything around me is a potential, background, brush, pattern and I am often out with the camera snapping anything which could add to an image in some small way.

These days I inflict all my overly beautified and crazy image ideas on my clients and models on a daily basis. The hours getting the lighting right, composition, sets, using the right team of stylists, post editing to perfection all go towards making images that make women look individual, contemporary and beautiful...this is my goal, and this is now what I am finally achieving on a full-time basis. The women who come for shoots with me leave the studio feeling pampered, beautiful and empowered, and when they receive the finished product they feel proud of the contemporary piece of art they have become!

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