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Published 01/06/2013


Model: Kayleigh Pattle - Stylist: Glenda Rainbow

I regularly do confidence-building shoots for women with low self-esteem and body image issues; women who have been left with scaring and physical changes to their bodies following operations often come for shoots with me too. I show women that, through the art of contemporary photography and post production, all women can feel beautiful and be turned into their very own piece of art! Each image reflects my client's personality, childhood dreams, aspirations and how she the subject sees her inner self.

I am so proud of what I have achieved. Last year I won over 40 international awards, I was awarded my Licentiateship and Associateship with the SWPP within a few months of each other and received three nominations for photographer of the year with the Socieities. But most importantly to me I have a full-time job creating the work I have always wanted to produce and a product I truly believe in, which reflects the person I have become.

Our business is 10 years old this week. These days we have our own team of models who help with projects, clients and organising events. The Devon Portfolio Team is made up of women of all shapes and sizes, and together in our own small way we help women to look and feel good about themselves through the medium of contemporary portraiture.

To any photographer setting out I would say I did not find it easy. There will also be times when you question whether you are good enough or have what it takes to succeed. Photography and Design is a very personalmedium, each image says a lot about you the artist, and if you receive a knock-back it can feel seriously deflating, especially when your work may not always appeal to the masses. The trick is to believe in yourself and what you can do. Though there are basic disciplines and rules - always remember there are no rights or wrongs in this industry; if anyone questions your style, let them. The people who ARE attracted to your style of work, ARE the clients that are right for true to yourself.

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