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Published 01/06/2013


Besides the weddings I was also starting to shoot more and more portraiture/fashion/boudoir on the side whilst continuing with the weddings. Making women feel beautiful and good about themselves made me feel very happy, and by doing this, not only was my work making me feel good about myself but I realised I had the ability to make other women feel good about themselves too. As our company Devon Portfolio has become more established in the bay, we opened our first studio two years ago in the main high street, thus leading to a huge increase in bookings. Although things had been ever progressing and the business had been expanding at a rate of knots, I was still not doing the kind of contemporary photography I wanted to do on a daily basis, and a lot of my work being produced was to suit a client's brief, and not fulfilling my own creative yearnings.


Two years ago following a mind-blowing trip to India to help on a mission trip for a children's charity, I came home feeling confused and unsure about my career and which direction I wanted to head in. I met up with another local Societies' photographer (who is a multi award-winning photographer herself ), so I felt that any advice she had for me would be welcomed with open arms. It was pointed out to me that striving to be as 'good' or have the same style as other photographers is never going to make you stand out from the crowd, producing a lot of what everyone else produces is not enough...neither is it going to satisfy your own needs as a photographer and artist. What you have to do is wear your heart on your sleeve, show the world YOUR style - the style you can create that others can't, develop the style which is YOU and not produce the work you think people expect of you. This is what I already knew but I needed to hear it. I have never looked back.

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