SWPP Qualifications Notes

Notes for Submissions

Information on submissions for Qualification

Qualifications must conform to the following criteria:

All submissions must be accompanied by a completed application form, and the appropriate fee. Each print must have the appropriate label attached to the rear as supplied by head office. The Qualification that you are applying for must be clearly marked on the outside of the packaging or inner packaging where applicable. Adequate packaging and return postage must be included if you require your prints to be returned. Your submission will be judged "as it is presented", so please ensure that it is adequately and securely packed. If your entry is to be judged as a panel, an appropriate diagram should be included. Each print in the panel will also be examined in isolation. Presentation will be taken into account and the photographer is expected to have mastered the chosen effect, technique, or process that is selected. The submission should comprise examples of the member's own commissioned work, in which they themselves have made an obvious contribution to the end product, over and above the directions and services provide by third parties.

Presentation will be taken into account and images should ideally have been taken in the previous eighteen months.

The decision of the chairman of the Panel of Judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Image requirements for the Mentor Me Programme

20 jpeg high res (300 dpi) approximately 10x8"

Freelance, Photojournalists, Weddings, Portraits, Children, Animal, Equestrian, Digital, Commercial, Fashion &Glamour, Landscape, Nature, Sport, Medical, Scientific, Press, PR, Architectural, Industrial, Forensic, Natural History, Research,

Return of prints
Second class/recorded delivery return postage must be included with the submission.

Board thickness
Board thickness may be from 1/8 inch thick to 1/2 inch thick, with the average thickness being 3/8 of an inch. This allows mounting on mount board materials.

All photographs should be securely mounted to a board not to exceed 1/2 inch thickness. The entry may not be framed or boxed in any other fashion for viewing. All photographs should be securely mounted to a board.

Good Taste
All prints will be viewed by staff and judges and therefore need to offer a basic level of professionalism

Print surfaces
Glossy, matte, or canvas surfaces are allowable. The image may be printed conventionally, using photographic materials, or the print may be output digitally, using a digital output device.

Packing your prints
We highly recommends sending your prints in hard-shell print cases. These will provide the safest environment for your entries. All prints should have a divider/separator between the boards so they do not stick together or damage each other. Foam rubber inserts make ideal print dividers.

What the Judges are looking for in your submission
The judges will base their decision on a combination of the following: creativity, impact, storytelling, technical excellence, lighting, posing, expressions, print quality and composition.

Technical aspects
Highest quality technical execution Proper exposure for the mood and subject matter conveyed. Flawless presentation - excellent spotting, retouching and finishing technique with clean, professional mounting and matting.

Fresh and imaginative approach to the subject matter.

Does the photograph have strong visual impact?
What elements hold the viewer's eye within the confines of the print?

Composition and posing
Is the placement and arrangement of subject matter handled well?
Is the posing believable and flattering?
Are the fine points of the posing, hands and feet, for example, handled well?

What makes this photograph different from the other entries? What makes it stand out?

Is the image uniquely different?
Does the image possess individuality and originality?

Presentation Tips
Use of creative mounting can enhance the impact of your photograph.
Matting or sub mount colours should enhance and modify the print image.
Print presentation should be flawless ;mounting, spotting, retouching, matting, etc.

Use of creative mounting techniques can amplify the quality of your print
Mounting and presentation techniques should never overpower your print.

Excellent control of the lighting with full range of tones and detail throughout. Good modelling on the subject.

Does the light create a mood?
Communication value
Does the print communicate a message or impart information in a visually interesting way?
Does the design of the image support the subject matter?
Strong story-telling statement should be apparent.

Print Quality
Excellent range of tones and optimal print contrast. Colour fidelity and true colour quality of skin tones. "Unnoticeable" burning and dodging

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