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Clare Shapcott LSWPP

Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (LSWPP)

What we expect of a Licentiate

We are looking for images that show the applicant is in full control of the medium. The images should show correct camera technique, full control of the lighting and the final production of the finished image. Many images fail at the last hurdle because the final digital file or print quality is poor, showing banding from ink jet prints, blemishes that should have been retouched or poor presentation. Very often colour balance is wrong. We expect to see that the photographer is in control of the subjects portrayed and in the case of people, that they are posed in an attractive manner and good expressions obtained.

The images should be presented in such a way that if the judges were members of the public they could not reasonably be rejected. In other words they are “of marketable quality”.

Digital Submission for Licentiate - Guidelines

We are mindful of the needs of our members, who for the most part operate within the digital arena. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to open up the accessibility of submission for qualification in a more contemporary and practical manner by allowing panels of high quality digitally captured images to be presented.

To try and avoid any confusion in making a digital submission for your Licentiateship qualification we feel that it is essential to lay down a number of guidelines.

  • Unless otherwise agreed with the ‘Societies’management team a digital submission will take the form of 20 Images in JPEG format, sequentially numbered 01 to 20 with no prefixes whatsoever. A separate contact sheet of all 20 images must also be included
  • Each file should not exceed 2MB
  • The files should be placed in a single folder and inserted in to a zip folder for electronic upload to our upload facility.
  • The zip folder should be named as follows: for example
  • Keep the images to 2000 pixels on the longest side
  • Ideally you should enclose a short note stating your current position, experience, aspirations and outlining any relevant training you may have undertaken.

Print Submission for Licentiateship

A submission of twenty prints is required at 20x16” of a uniform size and flush mounted. (mixed wedding/portrait panels are not acceptable).

In the case of all other submission your application should be in a singular discipline i.e. landscapes, pictorial, illustrative, commercial etc. If in doubt please contact head office for advice.

Further advice on submissions and the requisites for a successful Licentiateship application is available via the Mentoring Programme.

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Successful Licentiateship Submissions


Derek Adams LSWPP John Alderson LSWPP Natasha Attard LSWPP
Richard Awbery LSWPP Marietta Balassa LSWPP Graham Baker LSWPP
Adrian Barnett LSWPP Claire Barnes LSWPP Mark Barnes LSWPP
Haydn Bartlett LSWPP Alastair Bell LSWPP Sally Benjamin LSWPP Peter Bennett LSWPP
Alastair Bocker LSWPP Robert Bousfield LSWPP Diane Broders LSWPP Jon Brook LSWPP
Leanne Brooks LSWPP Diane Brown LSWPP Keneth Byrne LSWPP Bea Bujtar-Barath LSWPP
Rachel Burton LSWPP Julia Chamberlain LSWPP Jonathan Carpenter LSWPP
Stephen Chatterton LSWPP Malcolm Clark LSWPP Steve Clee LSWPP
Sarah Cockerton LSWPP Jo Connor LSWPP Tracy Conway-Smith LSWPP Richard Corbett LSWPP
Colin Crowdey LSWPP Peter Crymble LSWPP Ben Cumming LSWPP
Mike Custer LSWPP James Davies LSWPP Shea Deighan LSWPP Raymond Dixon LSWPP
Leo Dolan LSWPP Louisa Donovan LSWPP Sarah Dutton LSWPP Andrea Edwards LSWPP
Carsten Evans LSWPP Annette Fishburn LSWPP Lois Elvey LSWPP Nick Fowler LSWPP
Julie Fraser LSWPP Karen Gavin LSWPP Paul Goode LSWPP Kelly Greener LSWPP
Roisin Gregory LSWPP Yvonne Guntripp LSWPP Matthew Harmer LSWPP Rob Harris LSWPP
Traci Habergham LSWPP Phil Hargreaves LSWPP Ian Hardie LSWPP Mark Hewitson LSWPP
Victoria Hendrick LSWPP Rachel Hendrie LSWPP Carol Higgins LSWPP Mike Hill LSWPP
Graham Hilling LSWPP David Hobson LSWPP Amanda Hsu LSWPP Jay Hunjan LSWPP
Tianna Jarrett-Williams LSWPP Helen Jones LSWPP Laurence Jones LSWPP Grace Johnston LSWPP
Dalia Kasperaviciene LSWPP Russ Kemp LSWPP Aarathi Krishnamurthy LSWPP Coralie Kyriacou LSWPP
Yannis Larios LSWPP Graham Lee LSWPP Katie Lister LSWPP Jessie Nian Liu LSWPP
Keith Logan LSWPP Alan Lomakin LSWPP Chris Loneragan LSWPP Sally Lowe LSWPP
Ivan Luminaria LSWPP Dzerinaldas Lukosius LSWPP Joseph Lundie LSWPP Alan Lyall LSWPP
Andrew Mackin LSWPP Jayne Mapp LSWPP Claire McAuley LSWPP Della McGowan LSWPP
Fiona McKean LSWPP Ciaran McGuckin LSWPP Grant McKelvie LSWPP Justin Mihulka LSWPP
Maria Michael LSWPP Chris Miller LSWPP Katalin Molnar LSWPP Peter Morgan LSWPP
Adele Morris LSWPP Ben Mullay LSWPP Suzanne Muscat LSWPP Robert Newman LSWPP
Doug Niven LSWPP Lisa North LSWPP Thomas Olesen LSWPP Christopher Orchin LSWPP
Sarah Osborne LSWPP Craig Payne LSWPP Hardik Pandya LSWPP Leigh Parke LSWPP
Andrew Percy LSWPP Kayleigh Plant LSWPP Iain Poole LSWPP Angela Prabhu LSWPP Catherine Price LSWPP
Shaheedur Rahman LSWPP Victoria Reed LSWPP Kat Regan LSWPP Stephen Reid LSWPP
Bill Rennie LSWPP Bill Rennie LSWPP Jo Rickatson LSWPP Heulwyn Roberts LSWPP
John Robinson LSWPP Alan Roderick LSWPP Charlie Round-Turner LSWPP Ciara Doone Rush LSWPP
Gemma Sains LSWPP Sarah Savage LSWPP Clare Shapcott LSWPP Mihaela Simion LSWPP
Rachel Sinclair LSWPP Steve Sloan LSWPP Simone Smith LSWPP Grahame Smout LSWPP
Emma Sohl LSWPP Scott Somerside LSWPP Ian Stacey LSWPP Jill Stevenson LSWPP
Shiralee Swan LSWPP Michelle Szpak LSWPP Lisa Tatterson LSWPP Kevin Taylor LSWPP
Rebekah Thomas LSWPP Andrew Thomas LSWPP Victoria Thomas LSWPP David Walker LSWPP
Angela Wallace LSWPP Andrew Warren LSWPP Shelly Washington LSWPP Darren Whiteley LSWPP
Tim Wilde LSWPP Emma-Louise Williams LSWPP Claire Williamson LSWPP Stephanie Williamson LSWPP
Abi Williamson LSWPP Karen Wiltshire LSWPP Tim Winch LSWPP Sadie Windscheffel-Clarke LSWPP
Andrew Winship LSWPP Nicole Whyte LSWPP Chris Woodman LSWPP Ron Young LSWPP

Licentiate in Illustrative Wedding and Portrait

Stefanie Blochwitz ILSWPP Emily Hancock ILSWPP Shona Dickson ILSWPP


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