The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers
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23rd April 2021 GMT

Qualification Structure - Associateship

Categories of Associateship

ASWPP - Associate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers
ASISLP - Associate of The Society of International Sport and Leisure Photographers
ASINWP - Associate of The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers
ASITTP - Associate of The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers
ASIMPP - Associate of The Society of International Media and Press Photographers
ABPPA - Associate of the British Professional Photographers Associates
ASICIP - Associate of The Society of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers
ASISEP - Associate The Society of International School and Event Photographers
ASIFGP - Associate The Society of International Fashion and Glamour Photographers

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Qualification applied for

What we expect of an Associate

The notes for Licentiate submissions also apply to Associate images, but with the added requirement that we wish to see far more creative interpretation, better choice of location, more thought and faultless technique. We recommend participation in the Mentoring Programme to assist you in making an application. If in doubt please contact head office for advice.

Digital Submission for Associate- Guidelines

We are mindful of the needs of our members, who for the most part operate within the digital arena. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to open up the accessibility of submission for qualification in a more contemporary and practical manner by allowing panels of high quality digitally captured images to be presented.

To try and avoid any confusion in making a digital submission for your Associateship qualification we feel that it is essential to lay down a number of guidelines.

  • Unless otherwise agreed with the ‘Societies’management team a digital submission will take the form of 20 Images in JPEG format, sequentially numbered 01 to 20 with no prefixes whatsoever. A separate contact sheet of all 20 images must also be included
  • Each file should not exceed 4MB
  • The files should be placed in a single folder and inserted in to a zip folder for electronic upload to our upload facility.
  • The zip folder should be named as follows: for example
  • Keep them images to 2000 pixels on the longest side
  • Ideally you should enclose a short note stating your current position, experience, aspirations and outlining any relevant training you may have undertaken.

Print Submission for Associateship

A submission of 20 prints is required, at 20x16” mounted on to board no thicker than 8mm. (mixed wedding/portrait panels are not acceptable).

In the case of all other submission your application should be in a singular discipline i.e. Landscapes, pictorial, illustrative, commercial etc. If in doubt please contact head office for advice.

Further advice on submissions and the requisites for a successful Associate application is available via the Mentoring Programme.

What it costs
(Provided they are submitted within 12 months)

Successful Associateship Submissions



Apply for qualifications

Qualification applied for

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