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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

Full-length portrait of the Bride

This image's intention is to the beauty of the bridal gown in all of it's glory. The bride has spent many months taking great care to choose the most important dress that she may ever wear. It is therefore essential that this image should not be rushed and every care must be taken to produce a stunning image.

The bride needs to be elegantly posed with one-foot forward and the weight on her back foot. Her must should be slightly curved, as straight arms appear wooden and static. Her curved arms will also show the waist of the dress and the line.

The train if long must be laid out neatly in a way so that it flows as if she was walking.

Camera height will be around the bride's waist level to ensure that brides look in proportion.

Take care to place the brides head at an appropriate angle.

Accepted standard facial positions
Full Face
3/4 Face
2/3 Face

With hands make them appear feminine and graceful and avoid backs of hands to camera lens. Sides of hands are far more elegant.

Expressions are vital and the bride should appear happy and relaxed, thus showing that she is enjoying her big day.

If the dress has a great deal of detail in the back consider a three quarter view.

Avoid direct sunlight and find a shady area, with directional light the full detail of the dress will be picked out.

The full-length shot of the bride is one of the key shots of the wedding day and must not be rushed in any way.

This is image is always a popular seller and in many cases will be purchased as an enlargement to hang in pride of place. The image is also well liked by family and friends as well as being essential for the wedding album.

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