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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

The Bride, Bridegroom, Bestman and Bridesmaids

This is he vital group shot and must not be rushed in any way as it includes the main attendants and the bride and groom.

Start by posing the bride and build the group around her. Bring in the groom and arrange their hands and feet. Basic posing requires the proper placement of the feet, hands, and head. One foot should be placed slightly in front of the other, pointed toward the camera, with the weight shifted to the back foot. Hands should be natural.

Bring in the best man beside the bride paying the same attention to his attire as you would to all the gents, that is to make certain that ties are straight, shirts are not rumpled and jacket pocket flaps are not tucked in. Be vigilant as occasionally the gents in a group may have something bulging or even sticking out of a pocket.

Bring in the bridesmaids but remember to build the group one person at a time, bearing in mind that the pose must look good for each individual in the group. Remember to take into account the various heights of each individual and to exactly were they are placed. Try to build 'V' shapes between heads and keep the heads equal distance apart, after all having one person out of the geometrical shape could give the impression that they are not really part of that group at all.

Avoid have all the subjects square to the camera lens, this can make people look wider than they actually are. Best to angle the bodies slightly facing in on each side to the bride and groom.

Generally for this image all are looking to camera lens, though variations can be tried, however the image that tends to yield the most sales is the traditional looking at camera.

Pay special attention to the location and the background, as these shots are taken from slightly further away the depth of field is greater, hence distractions in the background may become apparent. Avoid trees and telegraph poles growing out of heads at all costs. A pre-shoot scouting trip is helpful.

Ensure that there is sufficient space around the group, do not go so close that feet are cropped or are touching the bottom of the frame, space must also be left at the edges of the group to take into consideration that formats for frames and mounts may vary to that of the taking camera.

This image is often purchased by family and guests and remember if the bridesmaids are impressed they may be future brides.

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