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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

Bride and Groom head and shoulders

This image is considered by many to be as important as the full-length image of the bride and groom especially for older relatives as they will be able to see the faces clearly.

It is essential that the composition of the facial angles and upper body be positioned with balance in mind, as this will give a more polished professional image.

The placement of hands, flowers and hair are critical, with correct eye direction being paramount especially as this is a close up. Avoid having the couples eyes focused on different things as this gives an uneasy feel to the image and can look confusing and unnatural.

Expressions are vital in a close up so the couples attention must be retained by the photographer and not distracted by others or anything else that is going on. Avoid very wide smiles or toothy grins, however gentle conversation by the photographer will soon strike the right cord with the couple and produce a pleasant relaxed expression.

The expressions of course must match each other; otherwise the image will lack believability.

Use a wider aperture and throw the background out of focus, this will prevent anything for competing with the viewers attention, all that is required is that nothing should distract from the primary focal point.

Avoid direct sunlight as this is rarely appropriate or pleasing for portraiture and remember to get light into the eyes, however do not over flash, lighting in this image must be soft and gentle.

Generally this is one of he best selling shots and is a certainty for the wedding album. This is the shot that guests will want to purchase so make certain that a range of print sizes are available for purchase.

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