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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

Bride and Groom full length

This is almost certainly the most important photograph of the entire wedding and therefore the utmost care and attention must be paid to every detail in order to create a stunning result.

It will show not only the height of the couple, the bridal gown, flowers, the suit and wedding accessories.

Careful posing and lighting must be undertaken and enough time taken as absolutely necessary, this is certainly the picture that must not be rushed.

Generally your first opportunity for this image is as the couple leave church.

Pay particular attention to the backdrop for this image and make certain that there is nothing that competes for attention, for example if using the doorway of a church make sure that matchboards are not visible or any other irrelevant objects.

If the setting is poor consider doing an 'alter return' especially if the church or venue has particularly pleasing features.

Traditionally this image can yield the best return as it is the first full length formal of the happy couple.

Expressions must be pleasing and the subjects aided to relax after all the serious part of the day is now over.

The image will be prominent in the wedding album and will yield additional sales as framed enlargements and in many cases as a wall portrait of 24" x 20" or in folios also in folios for the parents.

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