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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

Bride and Groom by the wedding Limo

For the story of the wedding this is a very important image, the couple will have spent a great deal of time choosing their mode of transport and investing substantially to have it there on the day.

The wedding car links the church to the reception venue and shows the departure of the bride and groom to the next chapter of their day.

It is essential to show the full features of the vehicle wither it be a Rolls Royce, Stretched Limo, or horse drawn carriage as it is their choice of transport for their day.

Usually the couple are stood beside the vehicle, however more dynamic narrative driven images can be created.

If the couple are placed to the front of the vehicle then it is important that any of the main distinguishing features are not hidden from view, such as a distinctive grill or motif.

Chauffeurs are usually very obliging and will be more than happy to move the car to a more pleasing location especially if the scene is messy and cluttered. As with all photographs of people the background is essential and must not vie for attention to the primary focal point.

If the couple are to be photographed in the car always take it from the brides side. However pay special attention to lighting as the groom will be receiving less light than his bride, so careful supplemental lighting must be used.

Do take an extra moment though to scan the view through the windows as distracting subjects and objects will distract the viewer's eye away from the couple.

The image is an essential album inclusion, however performed correctly it can generate large wall portrait sales.

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