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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

Bride and Groom with parents

Bring in the bride to begin with then bring in the groom and pose them as a couple balancing their body position, this will include the careful placement of their feet, arms and hands.

Bring in the respective parents with brides parents by their daughter and the groom's parents be their son. Remember to slightly angle the bodies so that shoulders are not square to camera lens. If the camera is pointed directly at the subject, the resulting pose becomes static and the subject looks wide. This is why shoulders and head are typically at a 45 degree away from the camera.

It is often best to stand the brides father next to his daughter with mother at the end, while at the other end of the group it is better to stand the mother next to her son with his father at the end. Generally this gives pleasing variations in heights with not all heads at the same level. However heights make a difference so do not be afraid to vary the placement of the parents either side of their son and daughter, as the objective is to create a visually pleasing image, not a row of random head heights.

Expressions must be uniform throughout the group, preferably with a gentle smile, with eye direction being the same for each subject.

As with all groups pay special attention to 'blinkers' and do not be afraid to take additional images if necessary.

This is an essential picture within the wedding story and must not be missed or rushed.

Apart from it's appear in the finished wedding album the image is a popular seller with the parents as a must have print

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