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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

The Bride and Groom with the wedding cake

Consider posing this as a group of three, the groom with his dark suit between and just a little behind the cake and his bride.

Endeavour to get the bride on the same plane as the cake and not stood behind as this make the cake look much bigger.

It is generally considered best to place the knife on the bottom tier of the cake with the bride holding the knife with her right hand, resting her left hand on top and the groom placing his right hand underneath the brides. The grooms other hand should be behind his bride but not extended around the waist bringing his hand into view.

Preferably use available light for this picture, however if electronic flash has to be used then use softened off camera flash and avoid harsh ugly shadows behind the couple at all cost.

The cake is a vital part of any wedding and a great deal of time has been taken in choosing the design and ingredients.

Soon the cake will be gone and all that will be left is the image created at this moment of time, it is therefore vital this image be given as much care and attention as any other shot taken on the wedding day.

Virtually always included in the album it can also lead to additional individual print sales.

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